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Tobacco Education

The Human Response Network Tobacco Education Program provides the following types of education and assistance to the community:

  • Help to Quit Tobacco Use
          Check out the Quit Tobacco page for more information.
  • Assistance for Tobacco Retailers
          See the Tobacco Retailer Information page for more information about how to comply with tobacco sales
  • Tobacco Education Resource Library Materials
          Educational materials may be checked out from the Tobacco Education Program by local schools and
          community groups conducting tobacco education activities.  Materials include displays, games, and
          DVD's about tobacco issues.  Call the Tobacco Education Program Coordinator for details or        
          email to request a copy of the Resource Library Catalog.
  • Assistance With Creating Smoke-Free Recreational and Outdoor Areas
          Examples of smoke-free policies and educational materials are available for local recreational facilities,
          such as parks and other community venues, that would like to adopt no smoking policies.  Free signage
          after adoption of smoke-free policies may be provided.
  • No Smoking Signs
          Need No Smoking/Vaping signs for your business or agency?  Contact us and let us know what you
          need.  We may be able to help.
smoke free homes

Contact Stephanie Frazier at 530-623-2024 if you are interested in finding a smoke-free rental for you or your family.

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